Henry Wall – Chairman
Gratis, Veterinarian

It has been a privilege for me to spend my entire working career practicing Veterinary Medicine in Walton County.  Serving on the Board of the Walton County Health Care Foundation has provided me an opportunity to participate in the enhancement of health care services within our communities and to expand access to educational opportunities for aspiring health care professionals within Walton County GA.  It is an honor to be able to serve on the Board of the Walton County Health Care Foundation.









Sue McCullers – Vice Chairman
Loganville, Business Owner

As a lifetime resident of Walton County , I have always had a great interest in the education and healthcare needs of our county.  Through the Walton County Health Care Foundation, we are able to not only provide grants for healthcare assistance, but also lead the way in educating our citizens in the benefits of good healthcare.  It has been my great honor to serve with my other colleagues on the Walton County Health Care Foundation Board and I look forward to many more years of contributing to the well-being of our community and its citizens.


Ben Garrett – Secretary
Monroe, Bank President

The citizens of Walton County are fortunate to have the Foundation as a resource, especially considering the challenging environment created by recent healthcare reform initiatives. We have a lot of opportunity in the area of prevention and education as it relates to health issues. Growing concerns of obesity and other neglect issues will continue to add cost to all healthcare provider systems, further illustrating the need to focus on prevention and education.


Myra Smith – Treasurer
Monroe, Certified Public Accountant

I know that education and local health care are vitally important.  We strive to provide the means through local non-profit organizations to educate the people of Walton County to protect their health as best as possible. Through the grants we have made to these agencies, we have met the needs of many citizens with medicines, hygiene products, food and emergency medical equipment. I am proud to serve on the board of the Walton County Health Care Foundation.


Bobby Boss – Board Member
American Legion Post Commander

Serving as a member of Walton County Health Care Foundation has been an enlightening experience. It is an honor to be asked to serve on the board of directors that does so much for the health care of Walton County.


Scott Simpkins – Board Member
Social Circle City Council Member
Small Business Owner, Real Estate Broker, Appraiser & Consultant

It is my honor to represent the citizens of Walton County by serving as a board member of the Walton County Healthcare Foundation.  I am excited that this foundation will allow me to work alongside my fellow board members in meeting the philanthropic needs of our county.  My goal is to extend grant opportunities that will provide healthcare and educational assistance to fellow citizens seeking a healthier lifestyle.









Randy Garrett – Board Member
Good Hope
Former Mayor/Business Owner

It is my honor to serve as a Board Member of an organization that truly steps up to the plate for the citizens of Walton County and strives to improve the level and quality of health care in our county. I am privileged to be in the company of my fellow Board Members who are committed to making the tools available for a healthier Walton County citizenry.









Charlotte George – Board Member
Retired Walton County Educator

The Walton County Health Care Foundation has proved to be a vital resource to many Walton County non-profit organizations.  It has been our privilege to provide them with financial resources to meet the mental and physical health needs of the entire county.  We have been able to see improvement in the overall health of Walton County.  It has been an opportunity and a pleasure to serve my community.

His service to the Foundation will not be forgotten
Troy Preston  1943-2017


Board Member – Social Circle
Foundation Executive Director

I have had the privilege of watching health care in Walton County improve over the last 40 years and have been directly involved in the last 30 years. The creation of a Walton County citizens’ foundation dedicated to health is one of the largest steps taken in my lifetime toward insuring the continued improvement in the level of health enjoyed by everyone in our County.