WCHCFI with Social Circle Health Students

Mission & Principles


The Walton County Health Care Foundation, Incorporated, created by the sale of the Walton Medical Center, awards grants to promote health and delivery of health care to the residents of Walton County, Georgia, but only to the extent such purposes are charitable, scientific or educational, and believed by the Foundation to be economically sound.

Core Values

  • We strive to serve the public good.
  • We comply with all laws and regulations.
  • We are faithful to the intent of the founding documents.
  • We exercise prudent stewardship of resources.
  • We conduct our work with transparency and openness.
  • We treat others with respect, fairness and humility.

Statement of Principles

Our mission embraces the complex assemblage of issues contributing to personal health. A great deal of study continues to be done to identify health issues that affect the greatest numbers among us. Our primary goal is to find avenues that focus on prevention of these health related conditions. We realize that education and early intervention are key tools in addressing prevention.

Contingent with the sale of Walton Regional Medical Center to Health Management Associates was an agreement for HMA to build a new hospital facility in our community within five years and to continue to provide critical care at the facility. Site preparation for the new hospital occurred in April, 2008. We eagerly await the completion of the new Walton Regional Medical Center by HMA.

The Walton County Health Care Foundation also focuses on health care delivery. Our support of health care curriculum and teaching labs in our schools and colleges that train Walton County students should help to address the shortage of trained and professional health care providers and their support staffs.

Health care encompasses a complicated, diverse, and ever changing set of challenges and issues. As we move forward, the Foundation will continue to seek partnerships and to identify viable initiatives with proven track records where our support might propel these efforts to a higher level of success. These are exciting times for Walton County! This Foundation will be working in the background to stimulate growth and innovation surrounding the quality of life in our community.


A Center of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center
A Child's Voice Child's Advocacy Center
Camp Twin Lakes
Cancer Foundation of NE Georgia
Fourwinds Ministry Village
Georgia Transplant Foundation
George Walton Academy
Loganville Police Department

Monroe Lions Club
Monroe Country Day School
City of Monroe
Master’s Touch Recreational Riding/Equine Therapy
Monroe Walton Center for the Arts
McDaniel Tichenor House
Monroe Farmers Market
Project Renewal
Shepherd's Staff
Social Circle City Schools

Team Up Mentoring
The Bridge of Georgia
Unbridled Joy
Walton County School District
Walton County Chamber of Commerce
Walton County Emergency Medical Services
Walton County Health Department
Walton County Senior Citizens Council
Walton County Sheriff Department
Walton Wellness


Walton county health care foundation inc

450 individuals served by the Walton Wellness Mobile Market in 2018

whose average income is less than $1200/mo.

PO BOX 1026, Monroe GA, 30655